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The Gebler Firm, PC: Our Vision

At The Gebler Firm, PC, our legal practice is dedicated entirely to bringing the utmost care, compassion and integrity to cases involving elder abuse and neglect. Our vision reflects these beliefs:

  • We believe that our elders — those people who cared for us — are especially deserving of our love, respect and compassionate care.
  • We know that whenever our elders receive substandard care, it jeopardizes their health, dampens their spirit and degrades their dignity as human beings.
  • We believe that this issue affects everyone. We are all aging, and each of us knows someone who will need long-term care.
  • We have learned that each time we hold a nursing home accountable for its misconduct, we not only help our client; we also help all current and future patients at that facility.

Our firm is a proven leader in the field of elder abuse law. To learn more about the nursing home neglect lawyers at The Gebler Firm, PC, please see our attorney profiles:

Our Commitment

This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your To treat our clients and their families with dignity, honor and respect

  • To vigorously, aggressively and tirelessly fight for our clients
  • To hold persons and business entities responsible for the damage they cause
  • To improve the quality of care our elders receive, one client at a time


Putting An Experienced Legal Advocate On Your Side

The California attorney general has stated that elder abuse is an epidemic. While nursing homes are required to follow specific laws and regulations, often employees are poorly trained, uncaring or otherwise unqualified, and this leads to cases of neglect and abuse.

Moreover, elder abuse can be challenging to prosecute because of the complexity of the law and the complexity of the patients' medical records. Essentially, law firms have been deputized to do the job of the government with regard to holding nursing homes accountable for abuse and neglect.

At The Gebler Firm, PC, we take our job seriously, and we see it as our mission and our duty to fight back against nursing home abuse — and to do everything in our power to help our clients achieve the justice they so desperately need and deserve.


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