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Evaluating, Reporting, Fighting Back

Proof of nursing home neglect is not always obvious. Even when the signs of misconduct are evident, families may find it difficult, if not impossible, to prove nursing home negligence without the help of someone who has extensive experience in this complex area of law.

At The Gebler Firm, PC, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to hold negligent care providers accountable. If you have questions about these matters, please call us today at 818-876-9600 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. With offices in Calabasas and Long Beach, our elder abuse lawyers represent clients throughout Southern California.

Check It

It may be time-consuming, but evaluating a nursing home or other long-term care facility is a critical step, even if your loved one has already begun living at the facility. We encourage families to use the available resources for checking nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals and physicians to find out more about them — and whether they are suited to meet the specific needs of elderly loved ones.


Report It

You have a right to report suspected neglect or abuse, and you can report anonymously if you so choose. However, it is important to know which specific government agency regulates and oversees the facility you are reporting. If you have questions about how to report abuse or neglect at an elder care facility, The Gebler Firm, PC, can help.


Fight It

It can feel overwhelming to address these matters on your own — especially without the help of an experienced legal advocate — but it's important to understand that you have options for fighting back. If you believe your loved one has been harmed due to nursing home neglect or abuse, we can answer your questions and explain the available options for your specific situation.


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Founding attorney Gary Gebler has been practicing law for nearly 40 years, and for decades our law firm has led the fight against nursing home abuse and neglect in California. To arrange a free consultation, please call 818-876-9600 or complete an online consultation request. We would be honored to represent you if your loved one has suffered due to neglect or abuse at a nursing home or other care facility.