Our Vision

  • Gary L. GeblerWe believe that our elders – those people who cared for us – are especially deserving of our love, respect and compassionate care.
  • We know that whenever our elders receive substandard care, it jeopardizes their health, dampens their spirit, and degrades their dignity as human beings.
  • We believe that this issue affects everyone.  We are all aging, and each of us knows someone who will need long-term care.
  • We have learned that each time we hold a nursing home accountable for its misconduct, we not only help our client, we also help all current and future patients at that facility.


  • To treat our clients and their families with dignity, honor and respect.
  • To vigorously, aggressively and tirelessly fight for our clients.
  • To hold persons and business entities responsible for the damage that they cause.
  • To improve the quality of care our elders receive, one client at a time.

Injured Elder